• 2023, Applied Artificial Intelligence (CS5079) at University of Aberdeen,


  • Project: Less is More: Training Neural Networks with Minimal Parameters!
    Student: Pritham Raaj Kishore Anand (master)
    Supervisors: Lu Yin

  • Project: Efficient Data Utilization in Diffusion Models.
    Student: Nikhila Ramisetti (master)
    Supervisors: Lu Yin

  • Project: Automated Object Recognition of Solar Panels in Aerial Photographs.
    Student: Judith te Selle (master)
    Supervisors: Lu Yin, Pechenizkiy Mykola, Renata Medeiros de Carvalho, Tim Weelinck

  • Project: Aspect-based Few-shot Learning.
    Author: Phuong Trinh (master)
    Supervisors: Lu Yin, R. Medeiros de Carvalho, Vlado Menkovski

Teaching Assistant